Feb. 23, 2010 Is very hard, when one has to say that you feel abochornada of their fellow CUBANS.-in yesterday, happened another of so many sad cases and bochornososque so often happen in my country. Orlando Zapata, a young Cuban man of 42 years, who was born and is kid in the regime that it has destroyed our country-CUBA. Learn more on the subject from Dr. Stuart M. McGill. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison, for some months, for not being in accordance with the tyranny that since more press 50 years ago our country.-was not a criminal, was not a rapist, was not a thief, not was unenfermo mental attacking and killing innocent children, was not a Terrrorista, was not a traitor-declared hunger strike since December and only accepted drinking water.-they accuse to the regime of the Castrothat Zapata was denied water for several days and were beating him savagely in spite of its deteriorated state of health.-Orlando Zapata died in yesterday, and his last words were very similar to one of the famous phrases of our martyr and Libertador Jose Marti: die for the fatherland is to live.-is truly sad and hard to believe, that none of the leaders of LOS different countries of this world INTERVENED, to save the life of this hero. including the United States of America – but even more embarrassing is the fact that their own Cuban countrymen, who live under this terrible dictatorship since more than 50 years ago, does not have LIFTED a single cry of protest, by this death as Inhumana.-is simply impossible to believe, that these Cubans have allowed this Act so cowardly and inconceivable.-is impossible to render queno comp has a single Cuban in that sad and abandoned, island that has been pulled into the street to protest for their human rights, for freedom, for the life of this hero, that not deserved have died this way so cruel and inconsebible.-I wonder, as I have asked myself many times-that is what is happening with Cubans living on the island? As power comp render this indifference, this lack of courage, this total blindness to all the barbarities to which is subjected EL PUEBLO CUBANO-is that this new generation of Cubans has been born without heart and without feelings, as if they were truly losHermanos Castro biological children? Is there a new serum of indifference and malice that have injected to Cubans who left the island in CUBA? Is that have hypnotized them so they don’t feel demeaning truth and terrible rot in which live more than 50 years ago? It is possible that if about 1 million Cubans can be pulled onto the street when they went to the concert of Juanes. When were to have some fun, to dance, to sing-going walking, bicycles, trucks crossing enormous distances to enjoy 3 hours of party.- but there was not one single that came out shouting and protesting the death of this brother, who died as a true hero for his country! To these I I refuse to call them Cubans.! These are not my brothers.-This is a new generation of BA– cowards – unconscious that living happily without having to work, living off the crumbs that send him their relatives of other countries-these have not been nor are these Cubans are not my brothers.!. Go to idan ofer for more information.