All have problems with acne at some point in our lives. Some will experience them worse than others. Some forms of acne will be milder than others. The vast majority of people, however, will be in the term medium. Although there may not be a direct link, acne can be aggravated by stress, diet, air quality and the choice of lifestyle. But the main factors that cause acne are: genetic and hormonal imbalances. Everyone, at some point in our lives are going through a period in which the hormones seem to be uncontrolled (puberty and pregnancy are major examples) and if the acne is your genetic trait – you have to upload this.

Fortunately, there are many over-the-counter medicines to help people eliminate acne. As well that work for you, will depend largely on three factors: the active ingredients of the product, the cause of acne and skin type. Not all acne products work the same way due to the different ingredients used. Salicylic acid active ingredient reduces the amount of dead skin. Benzol peroxide reduces the P.acnes bacteria (a natural bacteria found on the skin). Below are descriptions of the active ingredients that are in the majority of non-prescription products: benzol peroxide: the benzol peroxide is the drug wonder in the acne treatment industry, acts reducing natural P.acnes bacteria and dead skin cells. To carry out these two actions, benzol peroxide manages to alleviate the two main causes of comedones (the large, deep and filled with pus grains that are the trademark of acne).

Benzol peroxide has been used for years in drugs to treat acne since it was discovered that it was very effective in the treatment of moderate acne. (On the Internet), you will find many personal recommendations for peroxide benzol and details about how it was used to treat acne successfully. But as with all the medications, uses a product with benzol peroxide as indicated in the prospectus or as a doctor recommended you.