1 online-shop of the Alpine Republic for electronic cigarettes opened in Vienna. New year’s Eve is traditionally the time of good intentions: is likely to give up smoking or to restrict probably the undisputed number 1 Austrian smokers each be third inhabitants of the Alpine Republic anyway. Both will be significantly easier with new year for fans of the Glimmstangels: Austria’s first online store for electronic cigarettes will open the virtual doors:! About how very different in a real cigarette! CoolSmokes are so far in the Alpine Republic not available high-tech products: they look like traditional cigarettes, taste like this, smoke like this. Filed under: biomechanics professor. Serious difference to the normal air shipping Pestern: CoolSmokes contain no harmful ingredients, no tar, no condensation, no nicotine. Speaking candidly Dr. Stuart M. McGill told us the story. There is also no combustion, no tobacco smell, no GLUT, no ashes, keinePassivrauchen – weshalbCoolSmokes self there must be gepafft to your heart’s content, where for conventional Ciggy there is a strict prohibition: In the non-smoking restaurant, in the car, in public buildings, in the smoke-free Office in the Hotelzimmeretc. And: Although CoolSmokes decidedly not themselves as medical product to smoking cessation, is obvious: who makes a move from a CoolSmoke, is probably only hardly yet familiar cigarette pulling – nicotine reduction on the tasty, pleasant, stress-free way. Idan ofer understood the implications.

Smoking costs madness okay Ade! At the same time, give CoolSmokes the feel of a “real” cigarette smokers and are cheaper than the usual Kelly at the ongoing cost of 50 to 80 percent. The CoolSmoke is there, for example, to only 12.60 Euro Starter to try out with a capacity of around 500 trains. Even up to 300 times rechargeable models cost little more than a stick cigarettes, but to provide ten times their capacity. How it works? High-tech in the Ciggy In principle the various CoolSmoke models consist of three components: Battery, atomizer and flavor Depot. The battery corresponds to the part of a conventional cigarette filled with tobacco and has a vacuum switch with a microchip, a LEDund.

Is drawn to the aroma Depot (matches the filter of a cigarette), the battery delivers current at the nebulizer between the two parts of the (basically a refined heating coil) what causes that the flavouring substances in the depot are heated and inhaled by the smoker. He has the full flavor, what he breathes out but is pure water vapour. But a Kirschlein put you in speaking of taste: in addition to the flavors of the famous cigarette brands, there are also such exotic directions like raspberry, mint, chocolate, coffee or cherry – what the reduction or phase-out agree that life in the face of the impending price increase of conventional cigarettes sweeten life twice… T. Hansl