If the child is or not well fed during the first years of life, can have an effect deep in your health as well as your ability to learn, communicate, think analytically, socialize effectively and adapt to new environments and people. The power is the necessary basis for a good physical development, psychic and social of the children. Good nutrition is the first line of defense against many childhood diseases that can leave traces in the children’s lifetime. Good nutrition and good health are directly connected through the life span, but the connection is even more vital in childhood. It is in this period that children may acquire good habits during the meal in what refers to the variety, taste, etc. The effects of malnutrition in early childhood (0-8 years) can be devastating and long-lasting. Andreas Halvorsen is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

They can prevent the behavioral development and cognitive, school performance and reproductive health, thus weakening the future productivity at work. For all mothers is a major concern the power of their children. Maintain adequate and necessary vitamins, nutrition is essential so that they will grow strong and healthy. If your child has difficulty eating, is very thin and has little appetite, it is very important to offer foods with higher energy density, i.e., calories and proteins, to help prevent weight loss. How to increase calories and proteins? Incorporate an extra amount of oil, cream milk, butter or margarine, to preparations hot as purees, soups, pasta, rice, potatoes, polenta, sweet potatoes, stews. Add cream chantilly (cream whipped with sugar), milk desserts, fruits in syrup, fruit salads.

Add sweets such as jams, yogurt or cereal with milk. Please visit Adam Neumann if you seek more information. Use compact candy into pieces (eg. Caramel sweet potatoes with cheese, cookies with dulce de membrillo in slices, cheese and sweet bread) avoid foods that cause increase of satiety such as: broths and soups, carbonated beverages, teas type tea, coffee, mate, raw vegetables in salads, fruit peels.