There are many treatments for weight loss, probably have tried to follow any of them, but without success, here I will discuss some guidelines to keep in mind for us to achieve the desired result. An enormous number of treatments required a sacrifice very high, as starvation or excessive exercise, this is a grave error to commit a lot to find the fastest way to lose weight, there are clear exceptions, such as the “fat incinerator “But we’ll talk about that later a treatment for weight loss encompasses our goal has to be multidisciplinary, we have to follow some rules so to speak, the first rule would FOOD, as it is a style healthy balanced diet, where you have to adapt to the lifestyle itself, its taste and because the budget. Should be simple and borderlands cope best. Another tip is to increase the physical activity, is fundamental in this procedure because it increases energy expenditure and reduces disease associated with weight, to be effective has to be controlled, gentle and go slowly increasing the pace of it. We continue with the drugs should only use them for a short time, since it does not help to change eating habits and often have side effects. Finally and most importantly is to make a LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION, create new habits that are attractive to us, we remember the benefits to our health, we must learn to change our eating habits and foodstuffs. In conclusion it is important to understand that each person has different habits, therefore it must be able to choose which treatment should continue, whether natural weight loss products, diets, or as I said earlier the treatment the fat incinerator is a very complete book which teaches you to lose those extra pounds through various methods and techniques are 100% effective online rave reviews of this treatment, the book is written by specialists. .