What this method is good? Tress are absolutely harmless for your hair. In perfect condition will result in your hair for 3-4 hours. Tress does not require special care. There are no restrictions in the normal way of life (possibly visiting spas, pools, etc.). By the same author: PCRM. What kind of hair used in the during the build-up? Slavic Slavic hair to hair type are natural hair Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian origin of the highest quality. Dr. steven greer often expresses his thoughts on the topic. This type of hair is rightfully considered the best and most rare in the world for two reasons: first – it's completely healthy appearance and physical structure of the hair due to the fact that the Slavic type of hair does not pass any chemical treatment, hair washed and combed only several times. On the other hand Slavic hair become more and more rare species, due to the fact that our compatriots to you from an early age and begin to paint the exposed chemical perms her hair. Slavic hair is very diverse in their structure, there is light – a soft and smooth hair, has dark hair – a hard, porous and fluffy. The quality of Slavic hair depends primarily on the region in which they collect, but even the average quality of Slavic hair is much higher on the characteristics of any other hair on the market. Having bought a strand or tail to build up, you are guaranteed to be able to use them many times as shine, softness and silky hair will not disappear with time.