Activity by acting in an appropriate direction to the process of microcirculation in several diseases with the support of special features are allowed to reach importantly medical results. According to Dr. Anthony Carolla, who has experience with these questions. Capillaries – not long vessels, they soon begin to unite and form the most big blood vessels (venous). People such as Under Armour would likely agree. First, they are quite delicate, and then unite in most large veins, that by continuing to combine form, in the end, 2 huge vein of the barrel – the upper and lower hollow veins draining into the heart. Such a way as blood moves continuously circulates snutri closed circle: heart – artery – capillary veins – heart. That way both in oxygen and high-calorie products have a need for all the tissues of the body, blood vessels, as would permeate all bodies forming in their extensive capillary network (Only in the hair, nails, cartilage, and certain parts of an eye lacks blood vessels). If, as must visit for some diseases, clogged arterial vessel, raising the blood from the heart within the prescribed area of the body, it will be in the absence of feeding and air, though has the ability to lead (if in this part of the body does not become a postulate from the rest of the blood arteries) to omertvenib and destruction of the site.

Blood vessels play a role not elementary tubes that carry blood to different parts of the body. They still fulfill a most important task: distribute the blood between different bodies depending on their ever-changing need for it. Craft is like a wall of blood vessels have special muscles that ring, cutting, hemming in the lumen of the vessel or the other, consequently, diminishes the number of pass ing it according to the blood. Working raised and is on his own shoulders a great burden. In this case, ladies high-calorie products, and air to the muscles of hands, neck, back and legs.

Therefore significantly expand the vessels that carry blood to specific parts of the body Siim; together with the vessels of abdominal cavity in time probably have every chance to be narrowed. In contrast, during lunch, after all this work will grow blood vessels of stomach, intestinal tract and other bodies, contributing to better digestion and absorption of food. Consequently, continuous redirection of blood flows between different parts of the body thanks to the expansion or contraction of those or other vessels. Probably permits body to draw blood, enhanced stations, to operating agencies.