Everyone must have heard about the disease. I’m not a drop would not be surprised if each of those reading this short article has touched this terrible disease at least indirectly. I like his grandfather died from cancer and two native uncle’s relatives people around me, I generally keep quiet. Statistics depressing Officially, Russia 2.3 million cancer patients. One-third of newly registered (about 150 thousand persons) year considered invalid. Most (60%) cancer patients in Russia diagnosed at 3-4-th stage of the disease. And, according to statistics, one in three cancer patients die within one year after diagnosis. It is clear that the sooner the disease is identified, the greater the hope to cure her. The purpose of this a small note, do not tell you about this serious illness and not to scare scare stories. Especially telling, and nothing’s what. Currently, most doctor did not come to a consensus. How, then, cancer occurs, and treatment is currently only symptomatic. There are several theories of cancer, but overall has not been allocated.

Treatment also involves only 3 ways (and then more from frustration than from knowledge of the subject of treatment), surgical technique, radiation therapy and chemotherapy. At the 4 stages of cancer when a person has died from work scalpel, unimaginable and exceeding any imaginable limits of radiation doses, chronic poisoning of the body chemicals, doctors usually refuse to his patient. Who are some of them die very quickly, someone else some time fighting for his life and extends it even to a small moment But are those who not only prolong but fully recover. How did they do? Yes, God knows. But examples of humanity has accumulated quite a few. And when conventional medicine spreads his hands, thrown a man nothing left to do, how you can look for sources of information and recipes informal medicine. We must recognize the official medicine does not recognize the “popular” methods. And there are very good reasons. But the article is not about that. All this only preface for what to share with those who need the very same recipes that I have. Can not even read them. Do not hammer head. Return them, when in someone’s house next to you knocks trouble. Give them the materials. Maybe someone that they will help. Do not be breaded in this life. And may peace be upon God with us!