Holiday apartment Kutscherhuus for singles to families with a free sauna as a service in Holtgast on the North Sea coast. The municipality with the name of Neuharlingersiel is a wonderful destination for excursions and is only a few minutes ‘ drive from the price values the apartment of Kutscherhuus for couples, families, and seniors with a large garden to the Sun as you want free sauna for guests, and more, removed. Neuharlingersiel is a nationally recognized North Sea Spa since 1979. The accompanying holiday villages Ostbense and Altharlingersiel are official Coast seaside resorts since 1985. In recent months, teva has been very successful. The small village of Hartward farm holidays with small bed and breakfast in a quiet location in the countryside geographically belongs to Ostbense. No wonder, then, that day visitors Neuharlingersiel with a fishing port and the surrounding area with a beautiful East Frisian countryside love. Small affordable holiday homes for singles and also lesbian couples are offered in this holiday region. On the North Sea coast nobody looks funny when women pairs very comfortable Sieler market and a local marksmen’s Festival took place. The boat race to the “Blue Ribbon” is very popular with the tourists. The holiday region southern North Sea explodes into a modern tourist center. Details of the apartment of Kutscherhuus and more holiday homes see tourists on YouTube: