Roco has an ailing smile and tattooed arms. On Thursday night he met Karla, obviously ignored it as it ignores all women, is the best strategy against shocks to the heart. But Karla was in love with the voice serious and raspy, each that mentioned his name Karla is melting, as moth hypnotized by the glow, Karla left her friends to follow to Roco, no matter what or where it would go tonight, she would go with him. Behaved most flirtatious, trying to apply knew how much strategy of conquest, but could not attract the absolute attention of that big one man and frowning. Roco seemed irrelevant its presence, although I could not see the legs of Karla under a skirt of black holanes. They visited bars, a corner with a couple of friends and marched through the streets of the city in a car that did not belong to them.

Roco took the opportunity to look at the details of the body of Karla. He drove at full speed, not so much by their desire of danger, but by touching his hand with Karla leg to put the fourth speed. Decreased in the Center, they walked through dark streets, places of seedy, laughter and alcohol. If you are not convinced, visit mens weight training. Roco corresponded to the kiss that Karla stole holding the waist. He thought that she was too perfect, she wondered why he was always so quiet. They toured a couple of slum dwellers more.

Karla came to think that it was the best of his adventures, he began to imagine with wedding dress. Both were surprised. In an alley, they returned to kissing. Suddenly ten or perhaps a dozen uniformed and armed police marched through the alley, screaming his name and asked that they not move. Three, five patrols surrounded the point, a pelon and mustache man stood in front of the ambush. A pair of helicopters flew over the area, chest Earth Karla and Roco looked eyes searching for an answer to what was happening. The man in the speaker shouted the full name of Karla. They handcuffed her and went up to a patrol. Every Thursday since that day Roco received a postcard with the same sentence: when you exit buy bridal gown and we got married.