The question is how to avoid it. How to fence children and young people from unrestrained drinking. And if to look deeper, as similar to eradicate. The simple answer is – nothing. Itself "System" favors it. In our time, a century of improving the public, the age of various legislative reforms century "domestication", age of new technologies, the age of conception of humanity of various kinds information, there are undoubtedly many ways to combat such nonsense among young people. But as they say, not a hindrance.

Take, for example, the same tv. What we see, including favorite tv? Par with transfers of health care, we also litsezreem advertising the same notorious alcoholic beverages. On a par with general transfers, there can also witness the "crime" books. Or take the example set "Immoral" movies. All this, of course, takes the example of the emerging consciousness, the consciousness of the child. What's more interesting to watch? Boring shows about health, where people spend hours discussing various methods summarizes the views of leading experts in the field of medicine, or an adventure "boevichek" with a favorite actor in a leading role, crumbly anything and everything in its path, immensely drink alcohol, rush catchwords foul against detractors, and so on Of course the choice will fall on "boevichek. He is interesting, it is richer and more susceptible frustrated mind.

This is the problem of modern educational processes to the minors. In the same issue and the public. The appearance on the streets of drunken heaps of juvenile boys and girls, there is a direct credit of this society.