Being thus, in the model of They pray, the goal is to help the people to satisfy its proper therapeutical requirements of autocuidado' '. Therefore, the theory of the autocuidado one of al Prays according to Luce et. (1990), it has as basic premise, the belief of that the human being has proper abilities, to promote the care of itself exactly, and that it can if to benefit with the care of the nursing team when to present autocuidado incapacity of caused by the health lack. 2.6 – Education in health the education concept engloba the processes to teach and to learn. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Stuart M. McGill. It is a phenomenon observed in any society and the constituent groups of these, responsible for its maintenance and perpetuation from the transposition, to the generations that if follow, in the cultural ways of being, being and to act necessary to the convivncia and the adjustment of a member in its group or society. While sociabilizao process, the education is exerted in the diverse spaces of social conviviality, either for the adequacy of the individual to the society, the individual to the group or the groups to the society. The health definition possesss legal, social and economic implications of the states of health and illness; without a doubt, the spread out definition more is the found one in the preamble of the Constitution of the World-wide Organization of the Health that says: ' ' Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not only the absence of doenas.' ' The World-wide Organization of Health, more specifically of the European Regional Office, in 2001, defines the health as: ' ' The measure where an individual or group is capable, on the other hand, to carry through aspirations and to satisfy necessities and, for another one, to deal with the environment. The health is, therefore, seen as a resource for the daily life, not objective it of it; to enclose the social and personal resources, as well as the physical capacities, is a concept positivo' '.