For Motta (2008), the Syndrome of the Parental Alienation is detected more frequently in the actions of the Right of the Family where, each time more, observes it presence of parents in search of the guarantee of permanence of bonds with its children. This because, most of the time the mothers are the detentoras of the guard of its children facilitating, of this form, the implantation of the process of Parental Alienation configuring a violence against children and adolescents. The objective genitor alienator to move away the son from the other genitor and for this uses itself of some mechanisms that all bring diverse consequences for the family in one. However, in accordance with He hisses (2009), the person who programs the child against its genitor, is carrying of one ' ' most serious the psicoptico riot, a chronic sociopatia, because it does not have no respect and consideration for the other, importing only with its proper egosticos interests and narcsicos' '. Additional information is available at Teva Pharmaceuticals. This person induces the child to make stories of physical and sexual aggressions against the other genitor with intention to move away it from the son of unjustified form, using themselves of the speech of outrem, if not worrying about the consequences of its act. Please visit idan ofer if you seek more information. 2? Concepts of family the Federal Constitution of 1988 defines family, in its article 226, as being one ' ' community formed for any of the parents and its descendentes' '. However, Bruschini (2009), ponders inside on the diverse concepts of family of a variety of theoretical sources: sociology, the marxist theory, the anthropology and psychology. Inside of the source of sociology it has a predominance of the funcionalista theory in which the author cites Talcott Parson as main exponent. Its definition of family is based on one ' ' socializadora agency, whose functions are concentrated in the formation of personalidade' ' (Bruschini 2009).