Precisely we yesterday published Food Guide Pyramid for children with the recommended servings for the energy and nutritional needs of children and adolescents. The servings of fruits and vegetables listed are three to five pieces, however, almost half of the children eat less than three parts per day of fruits and vegetables. That is what have claimed thousand fathers and mothers of children aged 0 to 6 years in a survey conducted by Philips Avent to know the habits of parents in regards to feeding their children and reveal the preferences and tastes of children by various foods in your diet. Nutrition experts say that parents should make a small effort to improve the diet of our children so that they lead a healthy and varied diet. Because while we worry every time your feed we stayed short with fruits and vegetables.

Only 16.5 percent of parents approve. As for fruits, they are much easier to include them, since children tend to accept them better, but vegetables tend to be the major enemy in the children’s diet. To try to better accept them, it is important not to force them, leave them that choose vegetables and oblige them prepared in different ways to find which feel more like them. It is known who also prefer meat over the rest of meals and that eating sweets and junk food 3 times per week in 65 percent of households, while in some houses they take on a daily basis. A curiosity about the sweets that you caught my attention is that rather than a lollipop or candy which most children prefer more Spaniards are the worms!. 54% Of Spanish parents ensure that their children make the recommended 5 daily meals, but that almost half of the children eat less than three puezas a day of fruits and verdurassigue being a pending matter. At home, you get to the three daily parts?