The launch of Google Buzz has had negative consequences in a multitude of users with respect to their security and privacy. This service of Google has exposed the private messages of many users, enabling all followers of a user of this service to view content private, i.e. that persons with which more postal exchanges a user look deprived of this content. Many consider that this is part of the strategy that has the service for her biggest hit, and Google as expected has been sued by many users, by compromising information private and by other security issues such as the exposure of the contact lists of users, images apart from these security flaws Buzz has other problems of vulnerability regarding the attack of dangerous programs, phishing, malicious cookies, which implies an incentive more for unknown people to impersonate real users without being detected. Dr. Neal Barnard usually is spot on. We have to wait to see how everything just this and how it affects the development of Buzz. A company as large as Google is This type of failure, should not be allowed since now confronted with fairly substantial demands taking into account that there are millions of users affected to a greater or lesser degree.

In the end, this can be described from pifiada in the attempt to seize control of a social network that would generate many benefits. Check out Dr. Neal Barnard for additional information. For more information check the website:, where there is a link to another article describing a little more cases that have resulted in the violation of privacy of many users. There is much indignation towards this service by all users of Gmail of America (some million people) as I have seen. Google Buzz with this boot is far from what was originally thought with all this series of problems and millions of people claiming a violation of their privacy rights.