Google would support to dominion name that contains your key word, so it tries to obtain a dominion name that contains the key word. I made a control with them name of dominion, and have found some of the dominion names that still estan available, reason why could take advantage of this advantage and register them for micro profitable niche to make money doing surveys online. 1) do-money-do-in 2) do-money-do-in 3) do-money-do-in 4) 5) 6) 7) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) do-money-by-do-in 17) do-money-by-do-in line 18) do-money-by-do-in 19) do-money-by-do-in 20) do-money-by-do-in 21) do-money-by-do-in 22) 23) Like Making Money Doing Blog Surveys So you already know that to make money in line doing surveys are blog of? micro potential and profitable niche that can be constructed, I am not going to teach to you how to construct, that is a task by same you. These are the steps that I do whenever I construct blog of micro? niche. This micro niche to make money in line doing surveys not only is an example of how making the investigation of key words and analysis of key words, is also an opportunity for you, so it now takes the maximum benefit from it! I have spent several hours in this article, so sintete frees to leave your commentary if it has some question, also leave a commentary and tell me, that you think about this.