Spectacular, well-groomed hair is decorated with a person, whether female or male. Well-groomed hair, as well as nails, skin – a sign of overall health of the body. So, if you want to have a chic hair, first focus on the health and nutrition. Another important role for healthy hair is the right care for them. And this treatment should be different depending on the type of hair. What are the types of hair? Dry hair – a fragile, weak, dull, often split at the ends.

Such hair needs special hydration and nutrition. Since the dry hair is not in all cases is caused by the weak activity of the sebaceous glands, the must be attentive to the choice of caregivers. Good hair can bystrostat dry if you wash them "wrong" means. Oily hair – look scruffy, dirty, dull luster. Greasiness of hair depends on the excessive activity of sebaceous glands, located on the scalp. Most often it is genetic background, but also depends on the amount of consumed fat, competent care. Mixed hair. Dryness and greasiness on the ends of the roots – a fairly common problem, and more often if hair is long.

Such hair needs special care, which would have combined the ingredients and for oily hair and dry. Normal hair – have a lively gloss, elastic, no problems with scratching. These hairs do not require daily cleaning and special care. Properly selected shampoo and conditioner, hair mask a couple of times in month – that's what you need normal hair. Measures for cleaning. It would seem that it may be easier, but as it turns out, not everyone knows how to properly wash your hair need. Wash your hair should be at least of their pollution. Water should not be too hot and soft. If you wash your hair every day, then take and shampoo labeled "for daily care." Their composition is softer and therefore less risk of harm your hair. Wash your hair should be neat, should not be strongly to rub them. Do not leave residues on your hair shampoo. The procedure of scratching. Properly comb your hair: short – from the roots, long, better to start with the tips. If you comb your hair before washing it remove them from the remnants of foams and coatings, and simplify the process of combing after washing. After shampooing, do not use iron combs – better take a wooden or plastic.