The academics had at the beginning carried through a bibliographical analysis of the month of October and for middle of the month of November of 2011, to bring referring articles to the subject of education and communication in health, that were directed to this group of academics, We select diverse articles, in the databases as scielo and lilacs, and too much sites of searches in the Internet detaching axles important to be explanados, preventing the repetitividade, facilitating bigger agreement and development of the work. For more information see this site: idan ofer. The main objective of this study is to contribute for the reinforcement of the process of education and communication in health and academic knowledge, detaching excellent points on the subject and identifying its authors, collaborating for the scientific production. Where we focamos the necessity of popular education in health, process of communication between professionals of the health and users of the system, the intersetorialidade of the diverse sectors, the completeness and the Strategy of Health of the Family – (ESF) as tool of promotion of the health, and the great necessity of new proposals that incorporate new innovations of education in health, guaranteeing the reinforcement of the model of the assistance. Results and quarrel Had some referenciais studies had demonstrated the importance of the education in health of professionals of the ESF for the construction of programs of education that enabled these workers, directed to the difficulties contained in its work, that had been extracted and analyzed. Permanent education a strong instrument for popular education inside and outside of the PSF, integrating the users in the health system. The practical one of the education in health as a way integrator of taking care of constitutes a space of reflection-action, established in knowing technician-scientific and popular, culturally significant for the exercise democratic, capable to provoke individual changes and promptitude to act in the family and the community, intervening with the control and the implementation of public politics, contributing for the social transformation.