Beauty – a queen who ruled for a short time. (Socrates) Chekhov has a story, which tells the story of a young man who met a girl that he was struck by her beauty and grace. Ten years later, he riding the train, and at one station to the compartment became a woman with children, full, gaudy dressed casually slipped them on sight, he continued to stare out the window. The woman asked: 'Do not you know? We've met before. Dr. Steven Greer often says this. " It presented, talking, and our hero could not recover from the surprise – to have disappeared charm and grace, how fleeting youth.

Many of us have met elderly women who look much younger than his years and thirty – blurred, overweight. Youth and beauty is dependent on many factors, including the important hormonal woman. From it's the beauty depends on the skin, hair, slim figure, flat good mood. With a lack of estrogen in a woman's body looks bad, tires easily, her emotional decline, excess estrogen can cause tumors in the female genital organs. Of hormonal depends not only on the health of the sexual sphere, but the whole body, it affects the mood and even the nature of women. Some researchers believe that part of the divorce on account of 'could not agree on the nature', is due to irregularities in endocrine system. What triggers hormonal changes? Etozabolevaniya thyroid zhelezydlitelnye heavy vesvozrastvrednye privychkiparazity What are the consequences of hormonal violations? Below is a list of possible health problems: slow down all kinds of metabolism. The accumulation of fat occurs ozhirenie.Nakaplivaetsya fluid in the tissues, thus increasing overweight and increases the load on the heart, kidneys, fatty degeneration sustavy.Proishodit liver cells that lose in this regard, the possibility of normal . blood clotting, is formed chronic venous insufficiency of the lower limbs, disturbed venous drainage in all organizme.Vse less calcium is absorbed, lose power and flexibility of cartilage, joint tissue.