Igor Ivanov, as often patients come to you from the CIS? – Patients from the CIS countries have always treated all major (and other) hospitals in the country. But do not just go there to treat us, there are people from Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Argentina, Italy, USA, Canada and other countries. – Why Very important also is that it is in Israel more actively used by innovative and experimental therapies, not just 'routine' treatment. This becomes very relevant when we have patients who standard treatments have not helped. For even more opinions, read materials from idan ofer. For the citizens of the CIS as there is one distinct advantage we treat: every hospital in Israel, each unit has a medical staff, speaking in Russian. In addition, CIS transplantation Bone marrow done only a few centers, the possibilities are limited by relatively simple types of transplants, most of the republics in this kind of treatment do not, in addition, the number of Russian hospitals transplant operations is limited usually 2-3 a month, but only in one hospital in Israel, we are doing in the year 150-180. – People are always very interested in the numbers.

At Children's Hospital 'Schneider' were told that 70% of pediatric oncology in Israel cured permanently. Are there any statistics for you? – Of course, there are statistics. But it is different for each disease, I would not strike all under one number. Oncological diseases are very different: for example, survival after transplantation of genetically suitable brother or chronic myeloid leukemia, or in some lymphomas may not exceed 70% in acute leukemia in first remission of 50%, and so on. If the patient after relapse need the second bone marrow transplant, the odds are sharply reduced, and sometimes up to 10%, sometimes up to 0. In the latter case, treatment, of course, is not shown. For some tumor diseases transplantation initially inefficient, but there may be other treatments, such as immunotherapy, which we, incidentally, is also actively engaged.