On Warfacer.de is a guide, to try out the game, Warface shooter fans on board? Are you an avid shooter fan? The German Developer Crytek and the proprietary CryEngine3 are a notion of them? Then you miss the following hit from Cryteks series definitely not! There is talk of ‘Warface’, a triple A Free2Play first person shooter, which is currently in an open beta on the Asian market. But what’s with the game? Current status a free shooter game, based on one of the most advanced games engines, really appeals to every gamer. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill. Flowing fusion of counter-strike, call of duty and battlefield strengths will convince many players to watch the game. In addition to classic PvP modes, the game promises a lovely long time PvE mode, in which a wide variety of missions need to be done with up to four players. As much emphasis on team-based and tactical approach when developing, reflexes and marksmanship. Has already been the 2012 at GamesCom Players of mouth watered, but since the spring, in which the European beta was announced, little has changed. Wayne Holman might disagree with that approach. There is no official release date for Europe, while the Asian versions of the beta are currently played with joy. However interested on the official website for the upcoming closed beta can register. I don’t want to wait! You want to play the game? Then, follow the numerous German or English instructions. If you speak Russian, they have the home field advantage anyway! Enjoy the reading!