Currently, dental clinic in Saratov must pay attention not only treatment but also prevention of dental diseases. An important element of primary prevention of dental diseases is a regular hygienic quality oral health care. It is well known that the leading factor of dental diseases – dental caries and inflammatory periodontal disease – a pathogenic microflora of dental plaque. The systematic removal of soft dental plaque reduces the bacterial load on the periodontal tissue and helps maintain mineral balance of the teeth. Today on the market a large variety of hygiene products designed for oral care. The most common among them are toothpaste and toothbrush. However, in these categories due to the large assortment of goods at the consumer legitimate question arises: how to choose a suitable it is for me to paste or brush? Dental clinic in Saratov help answer this question. Often, dental clinics Saratov offer a variety of means of prevention of dental diseases. After consulting with her doctor, periodontist or dental hygienist can pick up and then buy a suitable toothbrush toothpaste, toothbrush and other preventive means.