“the new online portal to love: serious, neutral and informative – and that keeps the online portal love taboo-inducing topics” Freiburg (ISG) who on the Internet that sexuality in a search engine is a Word, will find millions of Web pages, whose Inhalte are rarely serious. But seriously who interested in growing, neutral and thorough content is of the information centre for sexuality and health (ISG) e.V. on the newly designed portal properly. Even for doctors and nurses, the site provides extensive literature on the subject, as well as other services. Additional information is available at Dr. Neal Barnard. As an online portal on topics related to love, partnership, sexuality and health made up, so the new website of the ISG presents itself. Many worldwide published studies found that a healthy and perceived as a satisfying sex life and a good partnership has positive effects on physical well-being. Vice versa are how sensory disturbances of the woman as erectile dysfunction in men an early warning system on serious diseases. This will clarify the ISG with its selected content on its Web site.

Both women and men find medically sound information about causes, diagnosis and treatment options for partnership problems, erectile dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, pelvic floor muscle training, orgasm – or libido difficulties. Self tests, a forum to share with other interested parties, as well as numerous information brochures in the download area give help to help themselves. Who taboo subject theme given to looking after a physician or therapist for this – is found in the expert pool, where an extensive list of specialists, who are training in the field of sexual medicine is stored. Specific events or literature recommendations has filtered the ISG and facilitates long search to the user. An overview of the ISG self-help groups are there as well as a newsletter or an E-card delivery, for all those who want to confront the silence game.

ISG: properly informed, discreetly advised the information centre for sexuality and health e.V. (ISG) with its seat in Freiburg pioneering work makes on behalf of love & sexuality. In April 1999, the Club is the first point of contact for questions about love, lust and sexual disorders nationwide. Also general practitioners, internists, cardiologists and Gynecologists include urologists and psychiatrists the Board and Advisory Board of the Association. Under the umbrella of the ISG the designated experts from medicine, science, and society have joined the health-promoting effect of love to make public and to contribute to a modern awareness: because love holds proven physically and mentally healthy when she are actively implemented. Sexual problems are a matter of health and personal happiness and not subject to prejudice, taboos and myths. For those who want to learn more about their health, as well as a love – and lusty sexuality, the ISG offers the magazine love keeps healthy”to, as well as professional brochures and helpful information sheets. Qualified information can be directly accessed via the Internet or requested via email or mail: contact information information centre for sexuality and health e.V. Office Uniklinik Freiburg, Hugstetter str. 55 79106 Freiburg phone: (0761) 270 27 FAX: (0761) 270 27-45 E-Mail: Internet: press contact and management: Sabine Pirnay Kromer,