Kolposkopist not use that word, he makes a diagnosis using accepted terminology in the world. Colposcopic terminology Ectopia (pseudo) What is often called erosion. The presence of columnar epithelium, normally located inside the channel on the surface of the cervix. A very common pattern in young girls, there is often a virgin, with the beginning sexuality is complicated by inflammation. The most common cause – congenital.

Girls cylindrical epithelium in the normal outside of the channel. Then he slowly goes inside. This process occurs somewhere to 23-25 years. While the rest of cylindrical epithelium did not go inside, its remnants are visible on the surface – ectopia. If it is not complicated by inflammation, a physiological norm, does not require treatment.

Most often the beginning of sexual activity in ectopic settle microbes, and it can not disappear on their own and maintain the inflammation, then it should be treated regardless of age. There are other causes of ectopic – hormonal status (ovarian dysfunction), chlamydia, herpes and other .Ektropion condition that develops after birth – eversion cervical canal outside. It looks like erosion, but also occurs after birth with rupture of the cervix, therefore, visible scars on the sides of the neck. Unlike ectopia, never goes alone. He is being treated surgically putem. white plaque, towering above the surface of the cervix – a site of increased keratinization. Often a sign of chronic infection, most likely – a virus. Necessarily require a biopsy and surgical .Zona transformation (transformation zone) Plot of pseudo healing, epithelial changes, characterized by staining, especially Lugol's iodine solution.