Massage – this is the procedure effects on human body parts by compression, friction, stroking, vibrations in the air or the aquatic environment. Carrying out the massage can be a variety of techniques: how to hand, and with leg-up hardware technology. Depending on the goals, massage can be local or general. There are the following types of massage: Sport, cosmetic, hygienic. Massotherapy commonly used for illnesses and injuries. It is held only on prescription.

Depending on the impact area of medical massage there are a few of his types: point, classical, segmental-reflex and others. In a hospital for medical massage used expensive equipment. Sports massage is also divided into several varieties. During the morning warm-athlete goes through hygienic massage in preparation for competitions conducted training massage. In the beauty salon or a home is usually applied hygiene (cosmetic) massage. If the massage procedure aims to relieve tension in muscles, improve blood circulation, then grab the soft surface of the massage. Such effects on the body – gives a person capacity fully relax. In this case, relaxation acquires not only the body but the mind, for fatigue and internal stress.

Much greater influence on the human body has a deep massage, conducted by rubbing and stretching the muscles. With the help of restored structural integrity and balance within the body, chronic stress is removed. Rolfing – a procedure complicated and requires patience from the patient and the professional knowledge of the masseur. This massage is usually done at a salon or clinic. The procedure of this massage gives incredible pleasure. Cosmetic massage concentrates on eliminating defects and skin renewal metabolism. Depending on the complexity of tasks, such Massage can be performed either in a beauty salon and at home. And, in a cabin there is a possibility of using vacuum massage is an effective way to combat cellulite and other flawed skin. When you visit a massage parlor to remember that it is necessary before and after the procedure, refrain from eating, massage is best done in the morning, in sickness and skin irritation better transfer procedure. Self-massage techniques used in the home, require more effort. Hardware technology, which can be used in everyday life, not a professional, why, the effect of self-massage will be much less expressive than in the cabin. Everyone has the right to choose for himself what he needed massage and where to best spend.