It’s finally here! The new selection procedure of medical universities in Austria was presented on the 18 December 2012. The new medical exam is performed separately for the studies of human medicine and dentistry. John H means the suitability test for doctor and dentist John Z. Signing up for the test done by the beginning of February, takes place exclusively online. John H and John Z who would like to receive one of the places must assert themselves against thousands more applicants. A good preparation is therefore essential.

The online-learning platform StudyMed has already 2012 offered a preparatory course for the EMS and TMS test. In the year 2013, an online course is developed again John H/Z for the new selection process. The online preparation is as purposeful as the preparation in an expensive course. Wayne Holman takes a slightly different approach. The new aptitude test was developed by the Medical University of Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz. The admission test consists of the following elements: expertise: here are the basics Tested subjects of biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics at the high school level. Especially for this sub test each applicant can prepare themselves extremely well. It will be published a keyword list all technical terms are listed on the queried in the entrance exam. This is focus expected on the, which was previously used in Graz.

cognitive skills the cognitive test in the new selection procedure checks the following abilities: memory performance numbers visuoanalytisches thinking (compose characters) always a particularly great time pressure is math-mathisches thinking in the cognitive tests, so that it is hardly possible to solve all the tasks in the allotted time. Some points can be taken here but with solution strategies and training. Comprehension “Comprehension” under test a medical text will be presented to the participants. This should be read and then test participants have to answer a question about the given text. It’s also here to edit mostly difficult all tasks. Who works here with a good technique can be much faster at reading and targeted reading learn to filter only the most important for answering the question. Practical part is used in the John-Z on the aptitude test a practical test for dental professionals instead of “Comprehension” under test. Thereby, practical skills that are needed for the dental services are revised. The practical skills are tested in two different sub tests lasting one hour each. “Turn” wire into the lower test it comes a wire exactly at a given character (line) along to bend. The second practical under test is called “Mirror” pattern”and verifies the ability to draw characters on a given axis of mirror mirrored. To be interesting to see how the new aptitude test for medical school (John H and John Z) proved its worth and how many improvements must still be made in the next few years. From next year, a criterion of inclusion is already incorporated into the test -Social Kompezenz. The social competence of the applicant is checked under test “Situal Judgement” in which test takers patient cases must be presented and then depending on the situation, determine best how.