Each company that participates in the exhibition, asking himself some questions. How to take part in the exhibition, without spending huge funds for the purchase of large-size exhibition of equipment? How proud present your company from your competitors and partners? How to transport their equipment to venue? The answer is simple – a mobile exhibition stands. These include mobile exhibition of pop-up series of premium and a series of eco, banner stands, promotion tables, reception, mobile displays. Absolutely full range of mobile equipment is stripped down to carry-on luggage and do not require any additional transportation costs. Build time Mobile stands from 10 to 60 minutes, depending on the number and complexity of the structures. The main representative of mobile stands are stands Pop-up, are going on a "umbrella", and therefore called them "umbrella stands. " Modern technologies allow to print interior print images that can convey all sorts of colorful designs.

Analyzing the market, stands Pop-up into 3 groups: 1. Stands of European production – A distinctive feature of these stands of high quality and high price. 2. Stands "home" (Russia-Ukraine) production – A distinctive feature of these stands of high quality and average price. Generally Manufacturers offer a guarantee for 3-5 years, and in case of failure stand in case of warranty or guarantee is not broken you do not have to wait from Europe priydut spare parts. Them as soon as possible will be able to replace the Ukrainian manufacturers. 3. Stands from China – A distinctive feature of these stands is low quality and low cost.

None of these stands are not the provider will give you a warranty on stands, as spare parts from China are not supplied. If a company interested in cost savings and long-term use of mobile stands, it is worth paying attention to the stands of domestic production. Careful handling of the stands will be used them within 5-10 years. For the budget include banner stands, mobile stands, it stands as the Pop-up are also produced in Europe, Ukraine and China. Reliability and pricing is similar. Go to banner stands banner stand include Sail, a banner stand Spider, Roll-Screen, Roll-up, L-banner. The first mobile stand Pop-Up was patented in 1973 by Ted Zeigler (Ted Zeigler), founder of Nomadic, since stands Pop-up are currently the most diverse applications and are an integral part of any exhibition or presentation.