Everybody kind of day or night, depending, on who and when, peep me on the page. Let's begin. Dr. Stuart M. McGill has much experience in this field. Naturally the presence in the modern world, a large number of transport, abundant in variety and most importantly easily accessible, at times it seems that the business associated with the transportation companies and vehicle hire starts to die out, as the mammoth. But no one who thinks so profoundly mistaken. Yes, it appeared opportunities for our citizens to make money, some reduced level of activity in this market segment, but not so much that it is not interesting to do. Well, judge for yourself, but if your ability is, I am financial mind, can contain more than one car in the family, so there are few madmen Nemenov keep under the window 12 meter bus or a truck refrigerator, unless you are the driver of most vehicles.

So, so this kind of service, as rent and hire of transport, never leave the market, densely occupied a niche with a growing competition for the provision of transport services, for a little zaevshegosya already public. So, once this prismerti patient, but on the contrary, vigorous and cheerful, the very time to talk about so-called internal market, competition, hopefully healthy and fair competition. By the way, you know, what is the difference in Moscow from St. St. Petersburg? So the crisis of all crippled, and wanting to make this service much more than willing to part with their money. Therefore, companies are starting to go to the most conceivable trick in order to attract his client and in opposition to this hobby their prices are becoming more and more attractive for us, ordinary citizens, for example here and we all reflect, and who's better? 'Who is cheaper? or who will take to the right place, but a little more expensive. " So the competition should be competitive and choosing a company, stick to public opinion, read reviews or ….. But if you did, ordered a bus or rented van with friends, and you with all liked (even weird), then the next time, do not advise you to change the awl on the soap, and transportation in order to that same company, thus saving the nerves and strength.