How using an alternative method of therapy chronic back pain can be cured by Dr. med. Britta Knoll, Munich as long as there are people, the treatment of pain is a perpetual theme. In the middle ages, you had to manage with rabid methods such as the short burning pain, which in the long term should capture the original pain and life-threatening Krauterrezepturen of poppy, Mandrake root, and henbane. Since the invention of aspirin and the development of modern pharmacological ingredients operations lost their horror and every pain seemed impossible. But that is unfortunately not the case, the pain medical societies had to admit at its current annual meeting. Bone and joint diseases are the main cause for prolonged pain with physical as well as mental disabilities worldwide. Not in vain WHO in 1999 for the years 2000 to 2010 the bone and joint \”Decade cried out.

30 million German citizens are already treatment muscle and musculoskeletal disorders affected. The increasing life expectancy, the immobility and the tendency to overweight in our advanced civilizations will contribute to a further increase in security. In 2005, 1.4 million patients received medical treatment of pain, which is an increase of 40% in 10 years. The joint replacement operations undertaken as a last resort reached the legendary figure of 360,000, intervertebral disc operations over 100,000 in 2007. That casually explains why the costs in this area are now unsustainable: 25 billion euros alone for the treatment of degenerative muscle disorders, 16% of the total expenditure and 1.7% of the German GDP are. The loss of production, i.e. the pain-related costs are estimated at 100 billion euros each year.

Conclusion: back pain is the most expensive disease in the industrialized countries. And precisely in this precarious situation the medical profession must throw their so far valid thinking scheme, the three-tier WHO stages program for pain therapy, overboard. Too many Side effects and complications threatening some of the brought the anti-inflammatory pain relievers of at level 1 into disrepute.