Danilo was living of a habitacional set a COHAB – as if it said at the time, and it tried in its limited space to have a little of its provincial life that had left stops backwards. In its reduced yard it looked for to cultivate hortalias, but it was born wire in the place of vegetables. Danilo tried to get rid itself of ' ' arames' ' – on wires that are aa. idea of urbanization of the population, that why if he tries to run away the man always finishes engolido for ' ' urbe' ' – but it finished understanding what they wanted of it and of other anonymous ones as it. One made comfortable in its new life thickening the statisticians of so vangloriado urban growth.

3.1: Study of the Narrative: The story the Muscles uses the fantastic narrative, very used style in years 70, as metaphor to criticize the Military Government (1964 1985). Such narrative is very common in texts of Murilo Rubio and other authors of the time. It is a text told in third person, for an observing narrator who describes the day the day you distress and them of the main personage Danilo, who curiously it only has its name disclosed in the end of the story. Such observing narrator already becomes gift since the beginning: ' ' All the sundays, per the morning, while the others were congregated in the bar of the esquina, or went for the fertile valley, it were in the yard rummaging the land (…) ' ' (P. 22) The narrative if develops in a long time, therefore some harvests of wire occur, as the stretches: ' ' the Federal Government consumed the harvest of months.