The president of the National Council for Social Security, CNSS, the Dominican Republic, Max Puig, issued Resolution No. 227-02, which includes Health Services Road Traffic, which took effect from first of January 2010, whose risk is being managed by the Health Risk Manager-ARS, to which the member belongs. Click to learn more. With this resolution, the CNSS decrees the automatic disappearance of the National Fund for Medical Care-FONAMAT Traffic Accidents, “that before 1 January this year administered the National Health Insurance SENASA. In the spirit of the Council to take these raw measures the view that the benefits continue to be improved to the extent that the system is strengthened, thereby giving effect to this principle of graduation in law from 1987 to 1901. So, from just last Jan. The Health Risks Administrators-ARS) – began to cover road traffic to their members, in compliance with the provisions of the National Council Social Security-CNSS. Noting that the clinic attended to the injured patients and processed their cases without any major insurers. By Resolution 227-02 the CNSS transferred for one year to the ARS coverage of health services for accidents, from 12 pm on December 31.

To offer these services, the ARS were capita increased RD $ 721.48, including other benefits to members such as increased coverage of catastrophic illness, pharmaceuticals, among others. The coverage of these services, which was originally assigned to vehicle insurance, but they refused, he offered the National Health Insurance-SENASA-for-contributory scheme members Family Health Insurance. During the period from January to November this year there were 14.570 traffic accidents that involved members of the contributive regime of the Dominican Social Security System, representing health care authorizations amounting to RD $ 139 million. The resolution 227-02, the CNSS took a RD $ 691.48 RD $ 721.48 the head of the affiliates account under the Health Care of People familiar Health Insurance-SFM-care for road traffic comes within the coverage of the Health Services Plan-PDSS-starting this January 2010. 77 percent of those injured were males and 23 percent women of reproductive age. Motorcycles ranked first, according to the type of vehicles involved in traffic accidents with 71.6 percent, which should be considered when designing and implementing strategies to prevent this type of contingency.