Just as with humans, pets also have a wide variety of products especially in food for dogs and cats. You can choose by dry products, products moist or canned food. The difference between these three varieties is the cost, its nutritional value and as not the flavour. In the majority of cases it is difficult a decision by ignorance and the large number of brands and products related to food for cats, dogs and other domestic animals. What must be taken into account, and is of vital importance, is provide the pet food according to their physical properties and food characteristics.

Products Super Premium, Premium and non-Premium will provide a complete nutrition, although you will have to take into account the characteristics of each manufacturer’s product. Each brand gives greater weight to some or other ingredients in the composition of foods for cats and dogs depending on their positioning in the market. Non-Premium products, name given among others things for its nutrient density and its cost are lower-level than the Super Premium. The latter, like the Premium, are usually sold at specialty pet stores. Experts may advise the owners that power should receive the animal according to its breed, activity fiber, among many other elements of feeding dogs and cats, is very beneficial because provide them more energy to intestinal cells. In this way they can keep in perfect condition their bodies. Despite all these recommendations, always be advisable that the veterinarian who check the health of your pet and see should you notice an abnormality in their behavior. Original author and source of the article.