Do not waste your time buying and testing various tools that magically give your buttocks elasticity and get rid of cellulite. There are no miracles, only a comprehensive approach to the problem you can do irresistible. Performing simple exercises, combined with proper nutrition will give your Pope elasticity and force women to envy you, men and heads turn – Care for your ass. A quick walk instead In order to safely and impressively to walk in the supermarket, take the 'foot in the hand' and Practise your glutes brisk walking, every step of exerting a strong in their respective leg. Hold Over desk in the office, on the couch at home, doing makeup in the mirror or in your car, you can do without any problems isometric exercise: simply sit or stand straight and firmly tighten your buttocks, hold tight a few seconds and release. Repeat 5-10 times. Perfection is an ideal exercise for a little morning exercise. On the floor in the prone position at the same time raise the right arm and left leg.

Then the left arm and right leg. Make sure your back does not bend much, and abdominal muscles were tense. Repeat 3 times. Strong soft spot easiest and yet most effective strength exercises – squats ordinary. So called 'door-squatting' – this is a slight deviation from the classical exercises: you keep both hands on the doorknob and slowly arched back as if you want to sit on a chair. The upper body at all times remains straight. Due to the fact that in this exercise, you can bend back very strongly and with the door handle is still firmly stand on his legs, gluteal muscles are trained much better than with conventional squats.

Only good track, that the door was securely closed, otherwise you risk to fall if the door is open or someone accidentally curious decides to lift it. Running in water is possible in the summer it's nice exercise, but also in other time of year is quite feasible and very useful: in the pool for beginners to enter the water at about chest … and run! You'll notice how your butt is in front to catch up! Also, this type of racing is useful after injury because it does not load on the joints. Beautiful body