Inseer hands into his sleeves and grab the bar. Let your partner to push through the sleeves just above the elbow. Then Insert your head into the collar, pull out the bags and T-shirt sash lock. How to use the crews first advice: do not try prozhat shirt or prosest kombeza at the first workout. Nothing good will come of it. kombeza prosest preferably within 3-4 workouts. Each workout gradually add weight and get lower and lower.

Mike also prozhimayte a few workouts. Lower the bar to the bars of different heights. With each training adds weight and reduces the height of bars. Bandages can be fully utilized with the first workout. How to achieve maximum gain from your equipment kombeza help at a lower point, so for highest gain you have to develop speed. Tolknuvshis in bandages and kombeza, you have to accelerate quickly and get up. Or you’ll get up just in half.

When you start sits down, rotted back at the waist, falling behind the pelvis ago, set the chest forward, pulling the strap and sits down, start, throwing knees to the sides of the socks. Mike, as kombeza, helps at the beginning of the movement. But in a regime need not only speed but also the powerful boosting. Further squeezed to bar such height where you no longer work shirt. Follow boosting with the maximum possible weight on 3 replicates one every two weeks during the offseason, but before the competition once a week. Bandages will give you the Greatest increase, if you sit in struggling. To do this, sit down, start slow, and the second half of the movement is accelerated. Keep tightly back! Storage equipment Keep all equipment dry in the closet or dresser, neatly folded. Make sure that she would not covered with dust. Do not leave the crews near heaters, or fire, keep away from direct sunlight. Wash all the crews in the water temperature of 30-55 degrees Celsius. Use detergent to wash in cold water or soft shampoo. It is advisable not to wash crews in the car. Try to rinse thoroughly in clean water crews. Remember! The hotter the water for washing, the stronger will sit down (reduced in size) your equipment. But at too high temperature of the material may razleztsya. Where to get crews gear can be ordered online. To search for Internet shopping is enough to write in Yandex ‘Outfit for Powerlifting’. Here are the main sites where you can buy crews. You can also consult on the selection of sizes:,,. Remember, we have chosen its path and it is not easy. Good luck, friends!