When the degree of disease mioppcheskoy begin at any age myopia very fast growing. Points have to be replaced more frequently than once a year. It is not possible to achieve satisfactory visual acuity, even with strong corrective lenses. A doctor reveals the early changes in the fundus – the symptoms of degenerative lesion of retina and optic nerve. If the Rays can not meet in one point of the retina due to the fact that the refraction in different sections of the eye is not the same, the refraction is called astigmatism. Image in such cases remains elusive in the oversight of the eye of any spherical glass, and only the cylindrical glass can rectify this defect.

Determine the refraction and assign the corresponding optical aid is difficult due to the fact that young people are very strong accommodation, that is, the lens is constantly changing its curvature changes the indices of refraction. When prolonged excessive stress accommodation of the child (eg, frequent examining small objects at very close distance, reading in dim light, and the like) there is a temporary boost in refraction. This – Spasm of accommodation, which is also called a false myopia. To determine what kind of refraction of the child in fact, he has instilled into the eye slit of atropine drops, temporarily eliminating the possibility of akkomodirovat. Bereft after the instillation of atropine accommodation, the child may be noted that it became worse to see at close range, the pupils of the child becoming broader and longer taper to light. All these phenomena are not dangerous and soon pass. Sometimes, after instillation of atropine, a child may turn red litso.Chtoby reduce the possibility of such a phenomenon, a child must often drink water or milk.