Currently, the renowned daily newspaper “Die Welt” draws attention to a particular circumstance. Additional information at Wayne Holman supports this article. After that the United States now have many competitive advantages: a relatively weak currency compared to other international cheap labour costs and in particular access to cheap energy. You may want to visit PCRM to increase your knowledge. Unlike many suspected the salaries match to this increasingly: they amounted to 1995 the around 40 in the United States compared to China, it is still eight times. As the productivity in the United States it is significantly higher than, for example, in China, the advantage of a production dissolves gradually overseas. To quote the United States is going to regain its former strength in exports and industrial production”, Joachim Fels, Morgan Stanley’s Chief Economist is in the world”. With this opinion, he is not alone.

This seems a special advantage of Reindustrialisation”to be comparatively cheap energy: in the United States, reducing currently booming gas slate and shale oil. ional information. The energy will be using chemical substances within the framework of the fracking process”won even from great depths. Occurrence of the risk should be developed in the United States, and experts assume that the increased incidence is also the reason for the relatively low energy prices in the United States. Currently, for example, the gas prices are only a quarter of what you would have to pay for this in Europe in the United States. For providers, such as the German Amtex that allows investors access to lucrative oil and gas sources for many years, the current development is only logical. The United States want a situation that offers opportunities for German investors to the independence of the international energy market.