D. Knyazev, who was the first in our country do such an operation, and we – the surgeons, assisted him. Events unfolded dramatically: at the beginning of operations in Moscow's heart stopped – clinical death occurred. Cardiac massage restored the heart's activity. Double coronary bypass surgery was successful. Dr. Robert Brannon can aid you in your search for knowledge. A man was rescued. AM recovered.

It has been almost three years. His condition is good, it works a lot of walks and does not feel any pain in my heart. This operation at the institute was the beginning of the surgical treatment of acute myocardial infarction. The nature of myocardial blood supply is the heart through the coronary arteries – the left and right, that deviate from the aorta and then branch out into arterioles – the smaller vessels, penetrating the heart muscle. In some diseases the main artery may be occluded blood clot – a thrombus, or atherosclerotic plaque. In this case, as a result of acute circulatory disorders of the heart muscle begins a disaster – a myocardial infarction. Until relatively recently, coronary artery thrombosis was almost synonymous with infarction.

In the last decade of the nature of the disease significantly broadened and deepened. It was found that the cause of a heart attack can be sudden spasm of the coronary arteries, metabolic disturbance processes in the myocardium caused by stress. Revealed an important pattern for surgeons: a blood clot in a coronary artery is most often found in 2-4 cm from the point of divergence from her aorta and blood vessels below the blockage are passable. Therefore, it is possible to perform surgery on the coronary arteries. Operation to restore blood flow in the occluded coronary artery in an experiment designed to 50s. May 9, 1967 in the U.S., Cleveland Surgery Center, Dr. Rene Favaloro (4 months after the world's first heart transplant operation, made by Professor Barnard) has successfully produced and put into practice the operation of so-called coronary artery bypass grafting autovein.