The own hair transplantation is the only way to regain back a full head of hair for men affected by hair at all. Hair loss is a special theme especially for men. Full coarse hair provides youth, success and attractiveness and plays an essential role in the physical aesthetics. Official site: Affiliated Computer Services. The only realistic way for renewed hair growth is a self hair transplantation. Innovative self hair transplantation leaves no scars using the FUE technique (follicular unit extraction) in the own hair transplantation for men single hairs within smaller units (grafts) collected the hair Crown of the head. Therefore, no visible scars may remain.

Instead, tiny reddish crust on the respective injection sites show up. These drop off independently after a few days, where only micro scars remain, which fade in the course of time. The scalp completely regenerates after hair removal. Prior to taking the individual hairs, one is Reduction of scalp hair by shaving required. Unobstructed view required the doctor to remove the grafts.

For this he uses a thin, fine hollow needle (with 0.7 to 0.8 millimeters in diameter), what the minimum ‘hair units’ (1-5 hair) cover and pull out. Then, the surgeon implanted follicular units in the corresponding areas of the scalp. The treatment with the FUE technique requires approximately 6 to 9 hours. In some complex cases, a second or third day is required for the own hair transplantation for men. The FUT technique (follicular unit transplant), applied a scar cannot be avoided however. It is put on the part of surgeons very much value on an extremely fine and thin scar, which can be visible when very short haircut. The hair should have at least 0.5-1.0 cm length. Targeted own hair transplantation offers the own hair transplantation for men for individual operations by means of the Body hair transplant more options. The sampling area is on the belly or back as well as the beard and chest. As well as the r & d technology is used as an effective method. Body hair transplantation is suitable for people who have no sufficient donor hair (Donorgebiet). With the innovative r & d technology Furthermore also scars from surgery or accidents can cover or conceal in a natural way. The follicular unit extraction (FUE technique) provides in particular if small areas or starting Geheinratsecken are to fill. Due to this technique specifically to be deployed, the own hair transplantation for men can be extraordinarily successful. Because no significant scar created by the individual taking of the hair, it doesn’t also skin tension on the back of the head, which often arise during the application of the FUT method. Wound healing is also schmerzfreier how even faster and it is pulling the strings. For more information, see see: Kerstin Weber