For the sport in the snow really is fun for beginners the first steps in the snow are the ski school, because without a proper guidance the first attempts of the fronds will be very frustrating. During their winter vacation in Obertauern you can look forward to the professional ski teachers showing one after just a few hours, how much fun you can have while skiing or snowboarding. Fantastic slopes, which are a perfectly prepared and on the other hand a large ski pleasure is waiting for you in Obertauern. Prerequisite course, secure stand on skis or a snowboard. But thats the least problem, because with the ski school Mrs. Holle in Obertauern, learn you sure are on the boards after a few hours as you. After only a few hours, you can descend alone of course the light blue the slope. The longer you can visit a ski course or the more you drive, the faster you can switch on the Middle red slope.

Ski instructor you can of course quickly feel for these winter sports can develop, should feel safe in its course. The professional, highly trained ski instructor in Austria, enjoy the best reputation internationally and in Obertauern, you can be sure that each teacher will focus on your needs and your learning pace. Also of course on the whole small pupils. Children’s ski course children in Obertauern, be fun and play this winter sport brought closer. With peers, you quickly develop a feeling for your skis or snowboard and often are here friendships closed makes the ski vacation is twice as much fun. Whether beginners, hobbyists, or children, a course at the ski school Mrs. Holle in Obertauern is right on the slopes in the winter on the way to be sure!