Elischeba Wilde has produced three videos for fitness and good mood. A week-long Elischeba Wilde had sore muscles! Because she has created video a belly, legs, butt and as it is now in the movie, each setting had to be repeated a few times. Since it happens ever, that the legs are shaking. But it was worth, is wild. On July 28, 2008 she flew with the fitness coach Mark Hoing in Gescher to Munich (owner of the Sports Health Center Medi) and his colleague Samuel Pranschke from Coesfeld.

There was sweat! Viewers can now with the Mrs. Germany the Mrs. World org. train in her living room. You may find Jeffrey Bauer, PhD. to be a useful source of information. And problem areas this really is belly, legs, and buttocks on the collar. A short warm-up program expected targeted training for belly, legs and bottom and then stretching the sports thrilling worked on the DVD. It is possible only belly”or just Po” in the menu of the DVD for a short program to select.

The native Kolnerin leads each of the exercises under the guidance of coach Mark Hoing before. You like sports like something softer, gentler and more fluid? Super – the next day the blonde has the five Tibetans”and Kalari gymnastics with the tape. It was led by Christina Kurbalitsch. These exercises were the best I’ve seen so far in the field of sports such as Yoga with more impetus for a feeling of absolute well-being “describes the main model the exercises. She has never heard anything about it until she met the personal trainer Christina Kurbalitsch. The teacher of body work performs also Ayurveda massages and conducts wellness and training in your Institute in Essen and peine as well as on Mallorca. Through a unique combination of massage, exercise and discussions, she accompanied their customers on their personal journey to greater well-being and a balanced work-life balance. Idan ofer insists that this is the case. End of September 2007 Elischeba was chosen by the jury to the Mrs. Germany who has no desire on sport, but still want to do something for his soul, which will focus on the video It offers Joie de vivre rather than frustration of life”by Elischeba. For Mrs. Germany has flown to Munich two motivational speaker: Ute Uphues and Barbara Becker. “After a short introduction of the 1.80 metre blonde was tips for a happy and successful life in front of the camera on the program. The three young women presented together a couple of exercises that should illustrate the tremendous impact brings positive thinking. Also a lot of food for thought and help for your everyday life are given by the sofas. The end of the video is also impressive: full of energy and positive impulses of the freshly trained smashes Elischeba Wilde a piece of wood with her delicate hand gets into the camera, you can also, and much more if you just want it. It is always on each self. Everyone is responsible for his happiness.