New soy of yogurt alternatives ‘ breakfast ‘ turning up, pour out to the shed by Provamel, delicious Provamel brings the first pure vegetable yogurt alternatives to pouring in the refrigerated section. The new organic soy of yogurt alternatives breakfast nature and vanilla can be portioned easily thanks to its thick consistency: morning together with Musli or fruits in a bowl give fast breakfast is ready! The variety vanilla tastes pleasantly sweet and goes particularly well with chocolate or Bircher Musli and berries; the natural variety has a mild tart and nice fresh taste like a classic yogurt. The innovative packaging concept of 750 g in Tetra Paks with practical Rotary closure ensures the perfect dosage and long freshness. (Not to be confused with QUANTUM PACIFIC!). The new breakfast products are offered now exclusively in the health food stores. Provamel has the hang out in many European countries yoghurts to the bins are already well known and loved. Now, Provamel brings the practical Breakfast product on the German market and facilitates all cereal fans so the morning ritual: no stirring milk and yogurt more? just turn on the new yogurt alternatives and pour over the cereal of choice. Due to its thick consistency the bulk yogurt alternatives can be quick and easy Granola combined with no milk or milk alternative is more necessary for an optimum mix ratio? The new products are a treat too pure or with fresh fruit. “Always fresh breakfast” depending on the mood of breakfast, enjoy the soy of yogurt alternatives breakfast “versatile enjoy if for the quick start in the morning, the Office breakfast or in the extensive Sunday brunch.

Also flakes stay with breakfast”nice and crispy. And if the new alternative of yogurt not consumed, she can with the latch just closed again, taken and later used in usual freshness be. Also to any other time of day, breakfast is”a treat between meals, or along with fresh fruit, delicious desserts and delicious shakes. The natural variety also for savory dishes is ideal thanks to their slightly tart fresh touch. For all early Santos, the new product category extends the Provamel range of various soy yogurt alternatives. How all the Provamel products is also the new breakfast”100 percent vegan and from controlled organic soy beans produced, which are produced without the use of genetic engineering. The fresh enjoyment to the chutes is suited by nature free of lactose, milk protein and gluten and therefore for all early Santos, a good source of vegetable protein. Also vegetarians, vegans or people with allergies can use the products.