Vegitarianism has two reasons, one is hygienically (the egg of higher animals is virtually meat, and the more putrescibles) and mystic another (is a luxury of destruction, taking into account the number of beings that are destroyed in embryo to the) feeding the person with eggs). The power base was given through cassava, maize, yams, fruits and honey. Between fruit banana, pineapple, aratiku, arasa, jakarati a, pakuri, andai, kurapepe, mbokaja, etc. (T. III, p. 115).

In terms of the cleanliness of the body, men, women and children, when you wake up they will wash and swim to streams, by colder that makes. They enter the water, wet head, then wash the entire body and plunge and some days there, in that make it more than a dozen times. This was one of the reasons of the because rejected dressing as Europeans, that is very well understood, and was on reason. Certain parts of the body require special care. Thus the Chiriguano cleaned the head through the crushed seeds of Nandyra, also cared for much of his nails, and no less the toes. Wash the head with natural SOAP containing certain vegetables, was very general use and has persisted everywhere where there is a population of Guarani crosses including. Indicated other special point, which is the horror of certain impurities wake up among the Guarani, to the point that women hide with great care your menstruation. The urukuizacion.

Every morning, after the first bath, and prior to dry perfectly, every male was rubbing the body with an ointment made of uruku (common Neotropical tree), colouring matter that forms around the seeds. This operation was the woman or another person in the House, by means of a sponge. It was that throughout the body, including the face, submit a special pale red dye, rather lustrous, strange but not unpleasant to the eye. Early each morning the man washing whole body, vigorously until the residue of the previous day uruku disappeared completely or almost.