Sometimes, that relationship is very tense, for example, in the child's family is constantly controlled, something required, force or something reproach. In kindergarten, some children refuse to play, do not give toys, name-calling. In school did not take the team to ignore, offend. The reasons for disorders of the nervous system include diseases and child, for example, various infections or injuries, so you need to protect the baby from various traumatic situations. All this may cause a child to disorders of the nervous system, as indeed, for an adult. Pursuing education of the little man, we must remember that all children are very vulnerable and absorb all the information like a sponge, so keep your child not to lie, dissemble and to demand from him the impossible. Speaking about the types of nervous disorders, it is necessary to mention that the disorder of the nervous system of children may expressed as teak, for example, frequent eye blinking.

You can also see stuttering or a very common disease – urinary incontinence. Children exposed to such disease is very experienced and as a result become irritable and withdrawn, very afraid of ridicule by adults and peers, and this leads to further breakdown. Remember, do not scold the child, punish, make comments, but rather try to baby talk and calmly talk to him on this painful subject for him. Help him try to calm and reassure him that the disease will pass and everything will be fine. Support him, and he, in turn, will you really grateful.