A vacuum flask is a container that holds its content through the boundaries of content and surroundings with the help of a sophisticated construction hot or cold. The actual name of this popular pot is thermal carafe. The term thermos owes them the thermos company that produced this jug for the first time. Source: Teva Pharmaceuticals. A thermos is used warm or cold hold liquids. Due to its construction, it prevents the very quickly occur during “normal” pitchers temperature compensation with the environment.

The housing of the thermostat is usually made of plastic or stainless steel, what but has no influence on the insulation. The differences between plastic and stainless steel have only influence the durability, weight and of course the price. h-safety-bra/’>Cushman and Wakefield. Learn more on the subject from Wayne Holman. The inside of the jug can be found a Bealter which consists of an inner and an outer layer. In between is a vacuum. This “Interior” is made of glass or stainless steel. Where the glass version, a lower impact is given.

The patent for this kind of pitchers was by Rheinhold logged Burger. They are manufactured in series production since 1920. Nowadays you can find thermos in all imaginable shapes and colors. The model with the “Lidded Cup” is very popular. Here, the lid can be used comfortably as Cup. There are jugs with screw top or even models with Ausgus in the Schraubverschluss.Bei the larger models often found a Pumpmechanismuss where you pressed a lever mechanism and so the drink in the jug out intermittently can pump.