It's safe to assume that each person can choose the option that will satisfy him completely. But there is another problem, according to participants in the same poll, more complex problem-choice shower kabiny.Sotsiologami shown that about 62 percent of people who started a home repair, it started with the selection of a shower. And it is not surprising that, based on the number of proposals in this area in the domestic rynke.Kak did not disappoint in the future, how to choose the correct one shower? Need to ask this – but what we actually want? Simple, no "bloat", a convenient and comfortable shower? Then the most suitable way called "simple" shower, in which there is only a shower and do the same bolshe.Tak not immediately decide for yourself – we need you in the shower pan, or you're willing to do without him. In Europe, people often go without pan, but the Russians still prefer his presence, so you choose not pan will still have to search. Now, as the materials making up the showers. The pallet is made of mostly Special acrylic wall cabin – plastic doors – acrylic or special tempered glass. Price varies depending on the cabin of the materials is clear, but the quality in any way possible not to worry – at trusted manufacturer, it is safe and environmentally friendly. Among the producers can highlight a few – Aqualux (Akvalyuks), Appollo (Apollo), Huber, Jacuzzi.

Since their products are never problem.Dobry advice – do not start with a choice of whether or absence in the shower the phone and radio. No doubt – is a funny and useful things, but they are not the principal in the shower. A wonder is, above all, the presence of a steam generator in the shower and hydromassage. The first will give you lots of pleasant sensations of being in a Turkish bath, with the second you get a few modes of massage and a full set of "Bath + massage" will give you an abyss of positive emotions and good feelings health benefits. Among the manufacturers of multi-functional showers also should mention the Italian company Aqualux (Akvalyuks), Jacuzzi (Jacuzzi) and Appollo (Apollo) and the German company Huber.Kak and above – in the same general model can differ slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer a set of additional features, but they all share the quality and flawless functionality.