The user can settle down that their announcements are visible only in results of search of a determined geographic zone. Connect with other leaders such as Sequoia Capital here. * The announcements can be visible from the results search of Google Maps. The aparecera announcement in its geographic location in relation to the map with all the data of contacts and a configurable image. Like specific previously, the announcements of Google AdWords are visible from sites affiliates to Google AdSense. That it is Google AdSense? Google AdSense is a service (free) that allows to the creators and administrators him of Web sites, to monetarizar its traffic of visits, that is to say, to receive money from the exhibition of announcements in its personal sites, and the clicks that this they generate. These announcements are administered by Google AdWords.

So that these two services go of the hand and they are employees to each other. Google constantly monitors the clicks generated from its network of AdSense, so that the AdWords service works of safe way, to only pay by the realised clicks to the announcements that have been generated on the part of a user REALLY interested in the service and/or product. AdWords is served by Google of very transparent way that allows each affiliate to be responsible for the effectiveness of its own publicity, of efficient way, simple and economic. Everything depends on the good handling that the user does of the valuable tools including in the service, by means of these, each one of the announcements are created and monitored.