All of us remember from childhood my mother's strict mandates: "For the buoys do not swim! Many do not dive! Do not sit in water until blue in the face! "Some of them are useful to remember and now to your favorite swimming does not hurt your health. So, you can swim either before or after 1,5-2 hours after eating. You should not be in the water for more than 30 minutes. After bathing, mandatory rest: 15-20 minutes need to lie, wrapped in a towel or sheet. The most important security requirement for swimming in the pool – proper water temperature. This advice, many will wonder.

Indeed, what is so tough? It is necessary to heat the water warm and no problems The fact of the matter is that due to the extremely warm water in the basin may have many difficulties. source of information. Most of them unpleasant – heart problems. The fact that hot water stimulates circulation and strongly influences the state of the capillaries. Therefore, doctors recommend to be very careful even while taking a bath. For example, they are advised not to heat the water more than 37 C, not be in this bath for more than 20 minutes and lie down in this very calm, otherwise you can significantly increase the workload on the heart. After bathing in hot water to take a cool shower. It will help refresh sweaty skin, narrow pores and improve the tone. You may ask: "Why this story about the baths, when it comes to swimming pools?" Think about it: if the load on the heart grows, when you simply take a bath, then what voltage it is subjected, if you decide to swim in the pool at the same temperature? Physical activity will only exacerbate the impact on the heart, and then swimming may harm your health.