To guide the hospital team. 9 CASE STUDY Mrs. J.S.R.C., of 91 years of age, have some patologias as nevralgia (inflammation in the trigmeo nerve, in the right side of the face, have a permanent lens in the right eye which had the withdrawal of the cataract and also suffer from a problem of artrose in the knee (algia) of the right side. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mackenzie Scott. How if it was not enough to all these illnesses, it has low one? they esteem, has dificuldadedes to accept the oldness. It already was taken care of and doctor for medical specialists for each problem, however she is needing an intervention for the occupational therapist. Objective: to diminish the algias in the face, knee and eye. Dr. Stuart M. McGill often addresses the matter in his writings. – To guide how much the position and the use of the cane; – To guide how much to the size of the cane; – To stimulate and to keep the march; – To evaluate position; – To guide how much the position when lying down itself; – To promote and to stimulate auto-esteem; – To make adaptation in the floor of the house; – To diminish algia and edema; Resources: we could use the following materials (resources): – Cane? to facilitate in the march; – Eyeglasses? to protect how much the luminosity; – Screen, paper? auto-expressive activities; – Ink, mass of shape; – Strolls the beaches, to shopping, the asylums? social, familiar integration; – Acceptance of its new condition of life, aiming at its improvement; – Activities in group: as it dances to promote its socialization. 10 CONCLUSION In elapsing of the development of the work, we can evidence that the experience of the time, lived in the contemporaneidade, discloses the rupture of the dimensions physical, biological and historical of the time, for the action of the man. With as many advances of modernity, technologies, that we are forgetting values and respect for the aged ones in its experiences, the arduous work to adjust it the situations of modernity. Finitude in the context of the aging is proven, basically, in the practical professional, when the which had peculiar intention to the aged terminal makes possible the construction of a shared time, generating the reciprocity that opens the field of work for it I fight antecipatrio, that is, the professionals and the familiar ones of the elderly.