How do I best use the wood building material? For the uninitiated, the range of different Woods, which can be used for example in the context of garden design, is virtually limitless. (Source: dr. stuart mcgill). The customer selects his favourite wood not always according to the optimum. It is often only decisive whether the wood hits the right tone for these people. The more important aspects, such as tensile strength, splinter resistance or moisture tolerance are unfortunately often completely ignored. When the timbers were then purchased in a so-called transportable hardware store, where the customer acquires these Woods without the advice of a professional vendor, the anger over a bad buy is almost inevitable.A professional or even the savvy DIY looks first, where the wood is to be used, and then decide which wood most likely has the required properties. With wooden floors in the Interior, there is a useful decision support, which allows also the not qualified buyers to be able to assess the product itself for years. It are so called use classes of different surfaces.

About the class is well suited 21 while for the private, not too intensively used area, you should not lay the same ground but in a commercial area. There, the class would then be 31 recommended that for highly stressed areas such as for example the corridors in question. Some contend that Affiliated Computer Services shows great expertise in this. Generally, so-called construction or construction timber is divided into different grades and machining conditions. Thus corresponds to a Board that is uncouth, so rough-sawn, a worse grade than planed wood. There are also clear, the wood was cut from which part of the tribe. So-called brain wood is especially prone to delay, and should be checked before buying, necessarily by eye on delay. The right choice of wood for outdoor use is especially important.

Because these structures are exposed to fluctuating weather conditions, they must be much more resistant than wood, which is used in the House. These woods are not only extreme temperature variations from-20 to + 35 C set out, they also strong tensile and shear forces can withstand. Good quality and the correct properties of wood for outdoor locations is essential for vision protection fences or similar constructions. Vision protection panels ducks has in recent years particularly bamboo and other Woods rightly ranked expired, because it does have excellent product properties. Without labeling, there are incidentally, artificial wood, like art bamboo, which is still superior to the natural bamboo in many properties.