Drinking enough water especially when breastfeeding, it is very important for weight loss because of fluid flow in the body causes it to get rid of fat reserves. Try to always keep on hand a glass or bottle of water. Diet and breast-feeding, of course, very important, but the key point for weight loss are always a physical exercise. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner your goals. All the advantages of regular exercise simply can not list; is the best thing you can do for your health and, consequently, for their kids. Even if you exercise regularly prior to delivery, after the birth of babies will be difficult to enter into the former rhythm.

Lack of time, child care and lack of power does not contribute to the fact that the sport has taken a worthy place it in your life. But the longer you wait, the longer the weight will stay with you. Firstly, Consult with your doctor. Depending on how the generations have passed, you will need to wait a while until the body can not be restored. In some cases, the account goes on days, but sometimes it is required to refrain from loading a few weeks. Walking – one of the cheapest, convenient and effective exercises. Put the kids in the stroller and take a stroll in the park if the weather is good, or at the mall, if you do not want to go out for a long time. Locate a companion for walks.

Call with a spouse: a joint walk – a great opportunity to socialize. If you can not get out of the house, it does not mean that opportunities for physical exercise is lost. Spend a bit of money on a video tape with aerobics or more – to tutor and engage in gymnastics, while the kids are asleep. If you are, with whom to leave children who enroll in group fitness and aerobics, walk to the gym. Rest from Care Children need all mothers, and if you can use free time for sports, will be even better.